Parent’s Feedback

Everytime she is getting better at tests. Abacus has also taught her more patience and concentration both in studies and in other domestic works.

Parents of Alanhya Singh.9th Std.,
Kendriya Vidyalaya.

She has improved this semester and she has got highest ranks in all her subjects. She has been able to concentrate properly and therefore can sit in one place and study properly for longer intervals. Her attention span, speed mental ability to calculate has improved. Her school also reported improvements in her grades. All this and more because of abacus .

                                                                                                                                                                  Parents of Medha Sainanee, 8th Std.,
DPS Vasant Kunj.

After joining Abacus, I am finding my child more focused & interested in subjects. His overall interest towards calculation is also increasing.

Parents of Parth Sindhu, 4th Std.,
Salwan Public School.

After joining Abacus he is doing very well, scoring around 90-95%, Confident, open to learn new things, is attentive to the teacher. He has become more confident, fast at calculations and has improved his memory.

Parents of Pranav Bakheja, 5th Std.,
DPS Dwarka.

She is doing the sums much faster than before and her speed and accuracy is very good. Her maths teacher is very impressed because she is doing the sums very fast. Every child should join Abacus to improve their concentration and to do the sums faster.

Parents of Gunjan Nagpal, 6th Std.,
Mother Teresa Public School.

His speed has increased and so has the accuracy. Another remarkable improvement is the interest in various activities and subjects. Abacus is great!

Parents of Yuvraj Jaidka Malhotra, 3rd Std.,
R.S. Junior Modern School.

Improvement in Quick thinking, reasoning and logic. Improved self-confidence. Thanks to Abacus.

Parents of Ishit Mehta, 5th Std.,
Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute.

He is good. He takes interest in doing home work and revises whatever he has done in the class. Also takes interest in drawing work. Abacus is an excellent programme in the way of developing child’s mental ability.

Parents of Arpit Singhal, 6th Std.,
Gregorious School.

Geetansh is enjoying Abacus classes. His mind has become very sharp and very fast. This Abacus institute has helped very much to make my child successful in his class activities. I would like to say THANKS TO YOU.

Parents of Geetansh Nagpal, 5th Std.,
New Era Publlic School.

I found a big improvement in my child he is attentive in all time improve his learning power, listening power, concentration, etc., So I am very satisfied with Abacus.

Parents of Akshat Dhawan, 2nd Std.,
Lovely Public School.

Performance is good in Maths. He is very very confident in school subjects and ahead of other students. He is confident and intelligent. Abacus developed patience to read and learn things in him.

Parents of Nikhil Bakshi 2nd Std,.
Salwan Public School.

After joining Abacus his concentration level is comparatively better. He has become more responsible than what he was earlier, analytical power has increased.

Parents of Ishan Jiku, 7th Std.,
Don Bosco School.

Kudos to Abacus. Takes interest in all his work and does it well. He is performing very well in orals as well as in his written work. He learns very fast. His grasping power has been increased.

Parents of Shrey Sethi, 2nd Std.,
Springdales School, Dk.

She has become creative, spontaneous and decisive. We like the methodology adopted by Abacus and appreciate the way, the moral values are imparted together with the knowledge of arithmetic.

Parents of Ankita, 4th Std.,
Hansraj Model School

She takes interest in school subjects specially after joining Abacus. Becoming more confident, independent. She learn everything in a playway.

Parents of Riddhima Jain, 4th Std.,
Bal Bharti Public School.

After joining Abacus, He is performing better in school. Now he is understanding everything in class and giving precious time to studies. He is participating in all activities in school. He is good in calculation, his speed has improved, his vocabulary has improved a lot. Abacus programme has increased his confidence & concentration.

Parents of Akshat Dhawan, 2nd Std.,
Lovely Public School.

She has improved in her concentration. Abacus is a very useful program well directed to develop child’s analytical and quantitative abilities.

Parents of Sa Deeptha, 2nd Std.,
Amity International School, Gurgaon.

After joining Abacus her performance level in all subjects and activities has been increased, particularly there’s improvement in concentration and sharp and quick in calculation and doing Math.

Parents of Samruddhi, 7th Std.,
Mary’s School.

Earlier Ansh was a shy boy and lacked in confidence, after attending Abacus classes he is now participating in poem recitations and other stage performances

Parents of Ansh Kapoor,2nd Std.,
ASN Mayur Vihar.

Full of Confidence, active. He is now more logical. Eye hand co-ordination is much better all because of Abacus.

Parents of Sankar Kaushik, 2nd Std.,
Vivekanand School

Abacus has helped him improve his performance at school . He’s mathematical aptitude has gone up and solves questions very quickly. He’s picking other subject well. His concentration and memory levels also have gone up.

Parents of Abhilash Jain, 2nd Std.,
Columbus School.

She enjoys all the subjects. Interacting with different kids made her learn about competition. She is more inquisitive also, all these changes in her after joining Abacus.

Parents of Stuti Chamola, 8th Std.,
Venkateshwar International School.

Thanks to Abacus. She is more sincere now. Her concentration level has become strong and her logics are clear. Her learning capability has increased.

Parents of Priyal Jain.
DPS Indirapuram.

The Abacus program has brought about a sea change in the mental development of my daughter. Isha is 6 years old and is studying in first Standard. She is doing her 3rd level Abacus in the Panampilly Nagar branch at Cochin. Isha had started the program when she was in UKG. After seeing the progress as early as first part of the first level we had taken a firm decision that come what may 10-15 minutes of Abacus would be given priority over school home work. It was very evident that 10-15 minutes spent daily on ABACUS saves hours of home work or study time leaving Isha with time for other activities.

Academically, as the Abacus program promises, she is able to handle the school work with minimum effort. She is able to handling her home work by her self to the extent of being almost totally independent. Her memory and her grasp of what is being taught at school have shown a dramatic improvement. Hence she is able to take her exams just on what she has grasped in class and brushing up at home without having to memories anything. Her confidence in handling the stage is significantly better thanks to the improved concentration and opportunities provided by Abacus.

The program has strengthened her analytical and solving skills as well. Isha is able to attempt a number of challenging puzzles and activities. I am now trying to get her to do the ‘THE HINDU’ – SUDOKU ( Easiest) by her self. Presently she is able to complete a few of them with some help. I would never had imagined this as a possibility at this age had it not been for Abacus.

One of the most important skills she had developed with the program is her alertness to what is happening around her. I am sure largely due to the dictation practice besides the MA.

In recent times, Isha’s has shown significant improvement in her emotional intelligence. She has a very good sense of control of herself. I am most certain that it development is a result of the Abacus Program. I am studying this angle and will keep you informed on the progress.

I cannot imagine the mental development my daughter would have been deprived of, had it not been for Abacus. I sincerely hope that more parents gift their children with this program. Better still I would like to see schools introducing this as a compulsory course in the primary classes.
I view Abacus as a one stop shop for multiple mental skill development with the most child friendly approach.

A Very Grateful Parent
Mohan Kumar, Kochi



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Written Feed Back / Testimony of Parents on Mid-Brain Activation Workshop


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