“Midbrain activation” is not Scam proved: FRAMBE

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“Midbrain activation” is not Scam proved: FRAMBE

“Scam”, “Fraud” of “MidBrain Activation” is successfully proved.

There was a huge speculation on “Midbrain Activation” as a scam
and fraud. The above video was shot in the meeting arranged by
FRAMBE in Pune on 16 Oct 2015. The third party investigation named “FROST” – Forum for Research in Oriental Sciences and Technology.

In this event many Dignitaries like “Dr. Vijay Bhatkar” – inventor of super computer and many other people witnessed the success of “Midbrain Activation” program.
“Dr. Vijay Bhatkar” – http://www.vijaybhatkar.org/

Shortly “FRAMBE” will be publishing hundreds of happy and satisfied parents testimonies in “FRAMBE” site to prove the benefits and improvements parents could see in their children after “Midbrain Activation” program.

FRAMBE – Federation of Research Association for “Mind” and “Brain” “Education”
It consists of academicians, doctors, lawyers, trainers and entrepreneurs who share a common interest in mind and brain education.

The federation is undertaking “research” to some of the concepts to further substantiate these results through scientific validation with the help of scientific and medical community.

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Ameesha Joshi

March 21, 2016 at 7:02 am

Vijay Bhatkar himself is involved in Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University scam.
Please read:Governor orders inquiry into irregularities by Amravati University VC

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