A Family Dedicated to Improving Brain Health

FRAMBE is a Non profit pan Indian federation of organizations conducting research in the field of mind and brain education. It consists of academicians, doctors, lawyers, trainers and entrepreneurs who share a common interest in mind and brain education. The federation, based on experiential proof, is of the view that Midbrain Activation produces extremely positive results among children. It indicates to improve the structural and functional properties of the brain. It also has a pronounced effect on mind control. The federation is undertaking research to further substantiate these results through scientific validation with the help of scientific and medical community. The federation also aims to become affiliated to various government and international bodies. The federation will also function as a certifying body for member organizations that validates the course content, lays down stringent standard operating procedures that will in turn ensure optimal program output.

Aims and Objectives of FRAMBE

The aims and objects for which the federation is established are as under:

1. To be India’s leading body of brain and mind education and to encourage and advance the knowledge, study and practice of providing mind and brain education in all ways.

2. To encourage research, including experimental work, in the field of mind and brain education and to engage in quantitative and functional research of enhancement of brain efficiency and potential through special brain education programs.

3. To organize, establish, conduct, superintend or control institutions for promoting, whether directly or indirectly, the study of and research in problems relating to provision of mind and brain education and to be the authorized certifying body for brain and mind training institutions and organizations in India.

4. To hold meetings and organize conferences, exhibitions, study circles or conventions for the study and discussion of problems and to offer suggestions for improvements relating to and allied with the provision of mind and brain education.

5. To provide instruction and education to deserving persons in the provision of mind and brain education.

6. To make pecuniary grants by way of scholarships, donations, subscriptions, allowances, gratuities, guarantees and otherwise to and for the benefit of deserving students, scholars and other persons who are worthy of receiving such grants by reasons of their skill and proficiency in the provision of mind and brain education or their contribution to the cause of promotion of learning, research and practice of mind and brain education.

7. To award prizes, medals or other certificates or diploma of proficiency in the provision of mind and brain education to persons found deserving after such tests, examinations or other forms of scrutiny as may be prescribed from time to time.

8. To make rules prescribing standards of professional conduct for members of the Association.

9. To print, publish, distribute or sell books, pamphlets, notices, pictures, periodicals, newspapers or magazines or any other literature on any matter concerning or relating to the provision of mind and brain education or the life or work of eminent persons connected with providing mind and brain education

10. To suggest, study, offer opinion and advise on, or take part in, the framing of laws affecting the provision of mind and brain education and in policy-making to regulate the provision of mind and brain education.

11. To promote esprit de corps among persons involved in providing mind and brain education and good feelings between them and members of the general public or public authorities.

12. To encourage formation of chapters/branches at local and state level and to appoint agents and correspondents whether in India or abroad for promoting all or any of the objects of the Association.

If, like us, you care about improving recovery prospects for people with mental illness and preventing illness in those at risk, we invite you to contribute to FRAMBE today.

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